Is this thing on?

Yo, kids! DO NOT PANIC, please step away from the ledge, take deep breaths, and repeat after me. . . “Rogue Pepper is still blogging, Rogue Pepper is still blogging.” PHEW.

While we’d like to pretend all 4 of our readers have been concerned about our lack of posting, chances are the folks that follow along on instagram quickly realized we’ve been in travel mode lately. During the last five weeks we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy lovely food and bevvies in San Francisco, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, London, and Madrid. We have so very many things we’re excited to share, that it’s a bit overwhelming figuring out where to start.

While we’re getting our ducks in a row (or duck necks to be precise, because spoiler alert, we consumed those whilst HERE!) there are two quick things taking up space in the old noggin that I wanted to share:

UNO: While enjoying cocktails this week at Bitter and Twisted with a group of really fantastic people at the heart of Phoenix food culture, I got to talking with our favorite Boozy Brown Girl, about the local “food scene” and here’s what. . . it’s all about community. When you get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes Phoenix food and the people behind it successful, we’ve quickly learned that this is an inspiring, innovative, and genuine community of outstanding talent and endless potential. If we’re even a tiny part of that, or happily adjacent, it is an amazing thing.


DOS: Eating when on vacation is probably one of my favorite things to do, ever. It is an indulgent splurge both in caloric and financial spend, that is one of the best parts about traveling (see: ice cream on the daily). Equally as awesome, I’ve newly decided, is getting back into a routine. It felt so great to stock the fridge with fresh food and get back to using the kitchen this week, because you know what’s not fun? That vacation bloat.

PS: Adopted Coffee is back in action and having an event this Saturday, August 29th from 7am – 12pm, check out their instagram HERE for the details, and if you see us there, please say hello!