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One of the great joys of our lifestyle is sharing and creating food memories with our friends. While we may be hipster-adjacent in many regards, when we find a great new place to eat or an amazing coffee experience, it becomes a topic of discussion and recommendation among our friends and family for weeks to come.

Since I consider all of you to be our close, personal friends, I’ve got a place I need to tell you about before you miss out on some great coffee over the last few Spring days remaining.

You’ve got to check out Adopted Coffee in Midtown.

Normally found behind the bar at Royal Coffee, Jake and his family have created an amazingly welcoming place to kick off your Saturday mornings this Spring.  Opening their home to the public, typically from 7 – Noon, you can immediately feel the warmth and sense of belonging that is missing in so many coffee spots.

With a rotating selection of specialty roasters, regular features from Rise Biscuits and ClariTea, and all in support of a terrific cause, we’ve been enjoying a great dose of hospitality and zen for the last several weeks.

Last weekend we cruised around on our bikes, making the trip from our place to Adopted Coffee, then on to the Public Market and finally stopping at Welcome Diner. I always love riding through the Roosevelt and Willo neighborhoods, so having a great place to caffeinate/refuel mid-way is terrific.

Pro-Tip: Check out the iced teas, too. It’ll make you swear off Lipton forever.

We all know the hot days are coming.  Sleeping in is great, but don’t let the last few amazing mornings slip away from you.


For quality shots of the coffee action, check out Adopted Coffee on instagram, or this great one from @BryanSchiele that intimidated me enough that I didn’t even try shooting the coffee.

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  1. Jake April 30, 2015 / 9:57 am

    Thankful to finally read this. Those are incredibly kind words! Thank you so much for your support!

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