Kitchen Jackpots 01

Every once in a while all the stars align, the cooking Gods give you a fist bump, and you really hit the jackpot in the kitchen.  We have to take solace in these seemingly small victories, as they help make up for the less than stellar incidents that our kitchen witnesses at times (read: ghee is not supposed to be brown, Ryan).  Here are just a few wins in our book:


ONE: a perfectly ripe avocado

This is my number 1 jackpot item for a reason – the house odds aren’t in our favor at kitchen/casino gomez-glass.  We buy avocados on the regular, and I’d say about 75% of them succumb to the “scrape off the dark bits” salvage attempts before being thrown away.

TWO: having all the ingredients for a brand new recipe

Nothing stops my motivation to try a new recipe out faster then realizing I don’t have all the stuff I need.  Especially when it’s a one-off ingredient that we don’t normally cook with.  Luckily, the pantry and spice cabinet have been carefully curated over the past few years, so I’ve recently found we have that exact random thing we’re looking for. . . Chinese 5-spice, coconut flour, anchovy paste, SCORE!

THREE: your favorite knife/bowl/pan clean and ready for use

We run a little fast and loose with the dishes policy in our kitchen.  While things are generally tidy, we often find dinner prep remnants waiting for us to clean the next morning.  I personally can’t start cooking a new meal in a messy kitchen, so when I walk in to find all the things I need, clean and ready to go, it’s a victory.

FOUR: successful scavenge

Both of us like to pretend we know what we’re doing in the kitchen.  Sometimes that works out great, and other times we end up with asparagus too sour to eat, thanks to a heavy handed lemon squeezer (guilty). The times that we wing it in an effort to use up whatever is in the fridge, and it actually works out, is a huge success.  Like this, this, or this.

Fingers crossed and good luck charms abound for you to hit your own kitchen jackpots, friends.

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