Eating Well, Two Ways


I posted a picture of a donut on instagram a while back and happened to notice that we lost 3 followers.  This could be coincidence, and it’s highly likely I’m over analyzing the whole sitch, but it got me thinking about finding our balance. . .

When we were doing a round of Whole30 in January, we posted photos regularly using some of my favorite Whole30 and healthy eating hastags, during which we gained quite a few new followers. Since then, I’ve found I am overly conscious of when we post anything not of the “Whole30 / Paleo” genre for fear of ostracizing ourselves from the food priorities or habits of our new found friends. Which then got me thinking about overall lifestyle choices and realistic goals. . .

Here’s the thing, kids. . . I’m never going to never have pizza, ya know?  Cheese 4 life.


All we can do is keep it real, and that means nothing more than a truthful combination of veggies + indulgences taking up space in our camera rolls.  I’ve found that in order to set ourselves up to succeed, it’s all about finding a realistic balance of eating well for health and eating well for choice. . .

Eating Well [HEALTH]


In June of 2013, we endured a self-imposed, radical overhaul when it came to our relationship with food.  The pantry and fridge were purged of junk and we’ve never looked back.  We are committed to eating real, whole, fresh foods.  We are full on label-reading, sugar-avoiding, farmers-market-frequenting, local-seasonal-organic-sustainable-clean-eaters.  It’s not a trend to us, it’s a lifestyle choice.  Annoying and dramatic language here is intentional, SOAP BOX – I’M ON IT.

As Ryan has mentioned, the nitty gritty foundation that we’re aiming for is really driven by our own goals of becoming healthier*. Figuring out what works for us, long-term, to make better choices and feel good about how we’re fueling our bodies. It just so happens the habits which have been most successful for us are fairly in line with all things paleo.  Usually, I’m happy to identify with this label, and in the exact same breath, I’ll also identify with being human and strategically choosing to make very much NOT paleo choices sometimes.

Eating Well [CHOICE]


If drastic changes to our diets have taught us nothing else, what eating well is really all about is CHOICE.  We’ve spent a big chunk of time and effort (and money!) to get where we are now.  We’ve read, and watched, and googled, and tried, and cooked, and bought, and learned, and researched, and ate. What we aren’t going to do, is abandon all of that to choose a big mac.  The results of not paying attention to what’s in your food and where it comes from, isn’t a mystery – we were living with the 30+ year consequences first hand (ahem, also see: obesity rates in the US).

So when we intentionally decide to have burgers, you can bet your ass they’re going to be some of the best damn burgers in all the land, because that is what makes it really worth it to us. Food is an experience, and community (#phxfoodculture), and it goes hand in hand with travel, friends, family traditions, meeting new people, and creating memories.  We indulge when it’s justified to us, as the exceptions, not the rules to eating well.


*To clarify, healthy for us is not just about losing weight, though we do have those goals too. Our intent is to really live a healthier life overall.  That means our doctors give us the high-five come annual check-up time, we sleep well, move often, have strong immune systems, and take better care of our bodies.  When you’re in your 30’s this shiz really begins to hit home, and we are big believers that food is where it all starts.

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